Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Early Spring Quote Board

While watching "The Incredibles" Disney movie with River. Mr. Incredible is getting married to Elastigirl. River turns to me and says "Elastigirl is now Mr. Incredibles wife. Why?" I explained that when people marry, he is now her husband and she is now her wife. "Ohhh" After a few minutes she turns to me: "Mom, I want to be Mr. Incredible's wife" He'll have to be pretty incredible to get this sweetie pie!

River has never liked her hair washed. During a recent washing: "MOMMMMM!!! You're ruining my Life!"
Nicnames for our girls: River: Bug. Siver: monk-monk. She is such a monkey. She holds on so tight if she's scared or doesn't want to be put down. She gives tight hugs and loves to cuddle. She loves bananas and climbing and getting into everything. Out little monkey!

River says to me as we are driving and the sun is going down: "Mom, look the sun is playing hide and go seek with the moon. It's the moon's turn to hide right now, but pretty soon it'll be the sun's time to hide." I asked her where she heard that from and she says "Oh, I just figured that out myself!"

Quotes from Kung Fu Panda: Turtle: "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it" Turtle: "Your mind is like this water, my friend, when it is agitated it becomes difficult to see, but if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear." Panda's realization "There is no secret ingredient, to make something special you just have to believe it's special."

The Swiffer was one of the best investments we ever made...I get it out and River says "I WANT to MOP!"

After going up the canyon on a walk and having a cedar berry fight for an hour and a half and playing with one of River's best friends Danika, River asked me if she could go to Danika's house. I replied that we had a really fun time but now it was time to go home for dinner. She pouted and got into the stroller. "Mom, Lets go home and talk about this!"

I asked River to come out with me while I weeded the flower bed so she could get some sunshine and ride her trike. "But Mom, That will take just ages and ages!!" Mom: "Oh it won't take that long" River: "It will be like 15 Minutes!! Ages and Ages! "

We get out for a walk at least to the mailbox and back every day. On the nicest days we walk up the canyon behind our home. Cedar Berry fights are a regular and something River really looks forward to. "Mom, look! I picked hundreds and hundreds of Cedar Berries. Millions!"

Daddy occassionally brings River home a surprise. Today we made Daddy a surprise: hearts because we love him so much and a whole box of cedar berries. She walks around saying "Millions and Millions!!"

Silver has yes and no down. No is a very vigorous head shake. Yes is her whole face lighting up, she starts to bob back and forth and pants 3 times, sometimes pointing to the thing that she's saying yes to.

Silver has started to wave and blow kisses. She gives us all kisses before going to bed each night. What a sweet spirit!

River: "Mom, River's going to count to 5, when River counts to 5 you get Straight in here! 1....2....3....4....5!!!"

River talks most of the time in 3rd person: "A little girl named River heard a noise, and she was very very quiet. River tiptoed out of her room and she saw Mommy and Daddy watching a movie. But she didn't make a sound." Or "River wants to help with that!" "River likes doing that!" " A little girl named River is big enough to do that!" "You have to be big like River to do this!"

We had a role reversal one night: River was the Mommy and I was the Daughter. Me: Mommy, can I have a Candy? Mom (River): Daughter, you need to have a good dinner first!

River is a monster expert: Mom, Did you know that monsters like strawberries with the greens still on them? Mom, Did you know that monsters like to eat yucky things? Mom, Did you know that monsters step on cactus? Mom, Did you know that monsters take baths with mud? Mom, Did you know that monsters like to eat chocolate mud cream on strawberries? They also like to tear pages out of books and break lots of things from toys to computers.

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