Saturday, March 8, 2014

Carp Bow Hunt and Idaho Trip

Have you ever read Patrick McManus?  Colt introduced me to the author and his writing.  HILARIOUS!  Especially after being married to a hunter/fisher outdoors man!  I can see Colt as a little boy/young teenager in these stories.  SO funny!  Especially when we have been camping/hunting/fishing/ice fishing and can relate to the stories.  Colt and I read them on long drives together and laugh and laugh!

We took the long drive to Idaho to visit family and had a great time!

Colt took me on a date to go carp hunting.  

Colt getting the bows ready.  We packed our bows.
So this trip seemed to come right out of a Patrick McManus!  
I get dressed for our date and don't want to wear my good pants...thinking this will be a fishing trip on the edge of a River where I can just watch my man reel in the fish and fling a couple of arrows in the water as they lazily drift past.  I dressed in pajama capris.  WRONG CHOICE!  We wade through stickers and prickly nasty weeds.  Over barbed wire, and when we waded the muddy stream I let out a scream sure a big something was after me from the splash I make in the water.

Even my first blind date questioned my attire.  My first blind date:  Dance.  At Utah State.  I wore tights and a long wool skirt.  A long sleeve white shirt followed by a blue knit sweater ontop.  I also had on the long wool coat from my mission.  The first words out of my date's mouth:  "You are wearing that?  You will freeze!"  I honestly didn't know how to go to a dance any warmer than that!!  He also carried lotion in his pocket so it was doomed from the beginning!

Could Colt not have warned me of the dangers my legs would encounter from this hunt through the wild?
At least he didn't carry lotion!  But Bug Spray would have been nice!  He was wearing hat, long sleeve shirt, jeans and appropriate shoes.  I made a nice meal for the mosquitoes.  I must love my man - I made myself dinner so he could hunt unimpeded.  

As with all hunting , stealth and patience are required.  2 things I don't have in copious amounts.  He came around the bend of the River, saw something flash, pulled his bow back and shot.
He was SO surprised that there was a RAINBOW TROUT in the muddy river - He thought there were only carp.  He was giggling was SO excited.
"Do you have any idea how cool this is!"  and "NO WAY!!"
It was cute to see him so excited!

Great date.  When hunting with Colt - expect the terrain to be covered in stickers, very inhospitable and the bugs to not have eaten in a week.  Great Times!  So thankful for family watching kids so Colt and I could have a great fishing trip.  

We took the kids with Colt's uncle Lance's family to a rodeo.  The kids got such a kick out of it.
We had a GREAT time!

River loves twisting, tying grass, twigs, flowers together to make crowns, hats, fishing poles, mats, etc.

Summer catching grasshoppers

VIDEO:  Summer's Grasshoppers

Daddy & Summer

Mommy and Tanzi

River and Grandma Delora Henderson's Flowers

Summy with Corn on the Cob!

Silver:  This Reminds me of my Grandpa Clyde

I LOVE this outfit - Summer with pink cowgirl boots

At Grandma Delora Henderson's home in Idaho.  

At a restaurant on our way back home
We LOVE trips together.  Especially to stop for Hang-u-burs!

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