Thursday, December 3, 2015

Exploring Florida - Swamp, Beaches, and Ocean - Make a Wish part 5 (Final Chapter)

Our favorite beach!  WARM shallow water with beautiful weather!

River made this cancer heart with green sea weed for the cancer ribbon and brown sea weed for the letters c-a-n-c-e-r.  Seashells made up the heart.  River thought the green was neat as liver cancer's symbol is a green ribbon.  Blue = survivor.  Gold = Childhood cancer and lung cancer = white or see-through.  

Sea shells!

River's wish:  to go deep sea fishing!  Disneyworld was a very nice add-on :)


Silver got sea sick!  Here she is with River's blue throw up bag

We were hoping to catch a grouper - they can get to 400-500 pounds.  River caught a grouper!  Our guide said it was the tiniest grouper ever!!!  In our book tiniest are the best!  They want to catch the tiny babies. 

River had so much fun fishing for bait fish.  The water would "boil" when over a school of fish.  This rod had 6 hooks on it.  River would jig the line a bit and catch 5 at a time!!!


Air boat ride on the swamp.

Our guide was awesome!  He took the girls into a lily pad cluster.  They had fun picking the flowers.

Found 'em!

We drove a lot! 

Snacks :)  Jerky!

Florida: we think of you often and totally hope we can revisit in the future.
We even saw a manatee and dolphins!

To all of our Arizona Make a Wish donors: 
Many Thanks for an amazing trip with wonderful memories!

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