Sunday, February 5, 2017

Welcome to Our Family Baby Ridge!

Where to catch up after a year of not updating my blog...
River got to stop chemo back in June!  YAHOO!!!  
We have watched her body slowly rid itself of many of the side-effects of chemo.  She still has bouts with pain/nausea/constipation, etc. but for the majority of the time she is running, biking, skipping, and full of health, happiness...and Hair!  
Every day we are reminded of how blessed we are to have her with us.  
We started Homeschooling - What an amazingly wonderful adventure this has been (more on this later!)
But the biggest change has been the addition of this little man to our family:

Ridge Brock Henderson

November 7, 2017
8 lbs 15 oz
21 inches long

All of our girls were tiny 
River:  7.0 Pounds
Silver:  6.8
Summer: 6.4
Tanzi 5.10
Ridge almost 9 lbs
I was a bit worried with the trend of each baby being smaller than the last that this little boy would be tiny too.  NOPE!   This one has been a totally new baby experience for us!  

 We love to name our children after nature.  
Here is a picture with all of their names:  
We have a River with Silver highlights - the tree even shimmers with Silver, in the Summer with Tanzi (flowers) with a mountain Ridge in the background.  LOL!

“There are many scriptural references to mountains as places where sacred works were done and to mountains as temples and temples as mountains. This photograph represents my personal feeling for the Wasatch Mountains and the Salt Lake Temple.” —Don Busath (artist)
Brock is my maiden name.  Brock to me represents our family being Forever and the hope and peace that brings our hearts.  

This little guy has 5 mothers at home :)  His sisters Love and totally Adore him!
We would set a timer for 20 minutes and rotate which one was holding him.
River probably changes over 1/2 of his dirty diapers and if he lets out a holler he's instantly got someone to coo to him and hold him. 

All listening to Daddy read stories.  
L-R Silver, Summer, River holding Ridge, Colt

Colt and Ridge in the office

Starting him out on BYU football early!

This sums up my feelings of the past several months:  We Give Thanks
Gratitude for my sweet girls for Ridge in our life and our River-girl doing Amazing!  
God is so Good!

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  1. Congratulations!!! I am so happy to read of all of your good news.

    Jeanette Esplin