Monday, October 26, 2009


We have so many precious memories:

River's story from our trip to California: We were all standing around talking on the beach. Our backs were to the ocean and River was digging in the wet sand. All of a sudden a HUGE wave came up and got her. She went tumbling in the water and got sea water in her mouth. She was being so brave too. Last year she didn't want anything to do with the water. This year we would walk down until the waves splashed on her toes and then we would turn running and screaming :) Last year we found crabs. This year there was an outcrop of rocks that she splashed around behind. It was nice because the waves would make puddles that would come and go, but the waves wouldn't overwhelm her.
Silver loved the sand as much as River did!

Saturday Ventures

River LOVES Fishing

River was sitting with her pole in the water when we saw it start to dance. Dad, I think I have one! Sure enough! This is what she reeled in!Way to go River!

Silver LOVES the water! We would go to the swimming pool often. Whenever she gets in the water (pool or bath) she kicks her legs and squeals and has the greatest time!

Silver takes this position often!
River LOVES cooking, we have fun making all sorts of yummy things for our family!

Some things are big successes, some are not! Cullinary tip: Don't try blueberry waffles, they just stick in the waffle maker and make a big mess, but the purple waffles were deffinitely different!

Pumpkin cookies are our favorite thing to make!Daddy's 30th Birthday!

Colt's Archery

Silver dawn loves exploring her world!

Silver at the Grand Canyon
Silver LOVES to Climb! She climbs on low chairs, River's bed, boxes, the dishwasher, she'll try anything! What an adventurer!

Silver loves to walk with chairs. She took her first steps yesterday, 2 steps by herself. She gets so proud of herself and breaks into a huge smile!

Ahhh, we see the miracles of the Lord Every Day!


  1. You are right, those are PRICELESS memories and photos!!! Precious!

  2. River's story was precious! Loved all the pictures.