Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winter Quote Board and Happenings

Our newest discovery has been the circle of life. We started this off by talking about where eggs come from while making omlets? River: "Ummmm....Pigs?" Mom: "Eggs come from chickens." River: "Nu-uh Mom! Chickies hatch from Chicken Eggs!!!" We talked about how when there is a daddy rooster, then there are baby chicks in eggs, but these eggs didn't have a daddy.
The next day "Salty" one of her fish died. What a SAD morning! Her friend is gone! After a funeral service in the back yard she walks back forlornely to the house sniffing back tears and saying "It's okay Mommy, because of Jesus, our best fish will come back to life tomorrow." She's got the resurrection concept down - they do a good job in Primary sharing time! She can't wait until Jesus comes again, she wants to see him and tell him she loves him!
The same day in Primary the lesson is! Being grateful for God's creations, that God created everything, including fish! She brought 2 coloring pages home - a fish bowl with fish to color and cut out to put in the bowl. Tender Mercies of the Lord are all around us!!
The next morning we found "Ducky Swimmer" floating in the bowl. Oh NO! We now have 2 little mounds of earth with pretty rocks and sticks on them. Her two friends are no longer with us. Every day she says she hopes they come back to life soon. This kid has amazing faith!
She loves Heavenly Father. She tells me regularly that Heavenly Father Answers her prayers: "Mom, last night I was scared and I prayed and Heavenly Father gave me a good feeling and I wasn't scared anymore. He answered my prayer."
So we've been talking about death these last few days. We had a baby in our ward pass away, and River was really interested in figuring it all out. After many questions and pondering River comes to me: "It's okay Mom, because of Jesus, we all get to live together again"
So she's figured out that everything alive will eventually die. "Mom, Do Bears Die?" "So, Mom? Will Trees Die?" How smart!! I love watching their minds put things together - Trees = alive: Trees must die.
Here's her plan: "When all our gold fish die (we're down to Alicia) we'll get guppies, when the guppies die, then I'll get a puppy and when my puppy dies then I'll get a kitty."

Applause! It makes you feel so good as a mom when your kids sit up and eat!! I have Silver who will out – eat River almost every meal. With Silver you know absolutely if she loves something or does not like it at all. There is very little middle ground. She’s either clapping and squealing, or shaking her head vigorously No! This dinner got a clap after every bite for Silver with a mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! River gave me a “Don’t forget to make this favorite yummy food lots of times!” Okay! This will be a regular! (oh, by the way it was potato soup with bacon in it and then next time I made it both girls refused to eat it).

Some of my cravings when I'm pregnant: Guacamole, bouillon - yes, just plain salty bouillon (wierd I know!) eggs sunny side up, and watermelon.

Silver's new favorite thing is to wear a blanket as a cape. She brings a blankie and "asks" for it to be draped around her shoulders and tied around her neck. Then she proudly parades through the house until it falls off and then she brings it back to be put back on.

This is SO great! When you ask River to do something, her standard answer is "Yes Momma!" It's music to a momma's ears when you ask "Please put your toys away" and you hear "Yes Momma!"

River runs excitedly to me: Mom, look outside the window! There is a huge fire with a human standing next to it!!

Mom: Is it a he or a she? River: It's a Heaton! (The Heatons are our neighbors)

I enjoy playing the Piano in Primary. I like watching River sing and soak everything up. Yesterday we were talking about the Resurrection in Sharing Time. The teacher's hand represented our spirit and the glove represented our body. After we die our body goes in the ground and our spirit goes back to heaven. When we are resurrected our body and spirit re-unite. River pipes up "It would be hard to have a lot of arms and a grasshopper...that would just be hard" (like to put on all the gloves in resurrection :) hhmmm, complicated!

One Day we were pretending we were Lions. Mommy "Rroarrr" Daddy "RROOOAAARRR" River "Rroar" Silver's turn: She waited until her turn, and then belted out a great roar herself. After that she got the greatest kick going around and opening her mouth wide and roaring.

River: Whoa! Wwwhooooaaahhh, Woohoo! This road is really Tangly!

River: Dad, Can you Flush my pillow? We got her a feather pillow and she loves to have it fluffed before she goes to bed.


  1. She told me about her first fish, but she didn't tell me about Ducky Swimmer. Looks like you turned it into a great learning moment, though. I love her plan, first fish, then puppy, then kitty. I wonder what Mommy says about this plan. =)

  2. OHhh! I didn't know the fish(s) died! I knew she would like the lesson, but now I wish I could have been there. I wonder if she told Teressa about her fish?? So Sweet!