Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fishing Adventures

Aaahh!  Summer!
We call our outings Adventures! 
Here's a recent one we took to SandHollow:
We have a canoe.  River calls it her "Can-Too"
Silver LOVED being in the canoe. 
She wanted to touch the water like River. 
We stayed out on the water until after it was dark because the fishing was SO great!
Our girls are Daddy's little fishing pals.  Colt took the girls out fishing so Mom could have an afternoon to catch up on all my work without interruptions.  I was great for them, and it was nice for me too.  I think we'll make it a monthly outing for Daddy-daughter dates!
River's a BIG helper!
She feels so special going out with Daddy!
Red Neck Play Pen?
This is one of my favorite pictures of Colt. 
Colt on a recent fishing trip to the Boulder Mountains.
There are 80 lakes in the Boulder Mountains. 
Colt's goal:  To fish each of them.
5 Down, Many more Memories to Make!
One time Colt and I were in float tubes on Kolob Lake.  We had been trolling for awhile, and every once in a while, it felt like I might have something on the end of my line.  Colt would look at my limp line and say, no, you don't have anything, you'd know it if you did.  We decided maybe it was just snagging on plants on the bottom, so I started reeling it in.  Occasionally I would feel small resistance, but nothing really.  At the end of my line was an almost-dead white fish!  Oh, I must have dragged him for quite a while.  We laugh now at not knowing if I had a fish or not :)
Our first date was Fly Fishing. 
Colt's favorite meal:  Fish he's caught himself
Second Favorite:  White Bean Chili
To many more fun Adventures!


  1. This would be Lydons DREAM come true!! looks like such fun

  2. Colt,

    I have seen the picture evidence. I'm going to have to ask you to tutor me! Beautiful fish.