Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cute art projects

It's time for another installment of Henderson girl's crafts:
This was a really fun project.  We mixed different colors to find out what they would make.  Start with blue on the whole thing.  Add yellow to the top part to make green and add red or purple to the bottom to mix and make purple and purple blue. 
The fish heads are thumbprints and the bubbles, fellyfish and tails are painted with qtips. 

River made a deer for daddy. 

River decided to make Daddy a target to practice on.  She painted this deer on a box so it could stand up on its own. 

This one was tricky:  you need to draw on the backside - so the letters need to be made in reverse. 

Silver's project - glue beans onto her paper.  She had a lot of fun with it. 

It turned out SO cute! 
River made this one in church:  They were talking about how we all look different, but are all children of God.  She had all kinds of different yarn and cardboard colors.  It was neat to see all girls in that class with their cardboard dolls all different.  I wish I would have had a camera.

Grate crayons and place shavings between wax paper.  Iron to create a stain-glass effect.  Cut out in different shapes.  They put buttons on these.

We love library time.  They come up with cute crafts.

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