Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quote Board

It is the sweetest thing! Summer says "yeah" for yes. She is a very agreeable kid, so for many questions asked to her the answer is "yeah"

Elephants like peanuts, Monkeys like bananas, Rabbits like carrots and Mice like.....Popcorn! Random Tip - we hot glue popcorn onto our mouse-traps. They used to lick off all the peanut butter, and would eat off cheese even when tied onto the trap. Popcorn will get them. Everytime!

I took the kids to Pizza hut for their pizza/salad lunch buffet. They were very well-behaved and were enjoying their food. A man came up to me and said "You are extremely blessed!" He was sitting in the booth next to ours so we chatted while we ate lunch. He said that he was 64 and had thought a lot lately about the purpose of life. He said "you are living it - it's all about what you have right there" He said he never had children and is now wishing that he would have. He said he thinks he would have made a good dad and would have liked to have a lot of kids. It was one of those special moments - to share a moment in time with a new acquaintance. One where you feel the spirit testify that life is a gift and that we were sent here as families for a grand purpose.

Silver climbs up on my lap and puts her hands on my face.
Silver: Mom, I eat ALL my dinner! I getting bigger!!
Mom: Yes! You are getting SO big.
Silver: I get big like Mommy go a mission!

River helps me put everything in perspective. She has started saying "What would you rather have" Anytime we have a spill or an owie or a dissapointment she helps me see that it could always be worse. For a cup of spilt milk she says "what would you rather have...some milk on the table or a grizzly bear chasing you?" For juice spilt "what would you rather have mom? A sticky mess, or a whole bunch of puncture burrs in a huge pile on the carpet and you land in them?" When I cut my hand and was bleeding "What would you rather have mom? A cut or a broken arm?" When counting my blessings today I have had no bear encounters, puncture burr mountains or broken limbs :) Aaaahhhh, life is SO good

New Slushee Recipe!
We love Shakes and we just experimented making a slurpee with ice and kool-aid. Into the blender go ice, water, sugar, kool-aid powder, beans. What? Yes, Beans! I was multi-tasking (which I do all the time, but admittedly don't do well at). I was making White Bean Chili while the girls were making Slushees. I was cooking onions and chicken while they were putting in ice and water. I put in bullion and cumin while they put in sugar. I cut open their kool-aid packet and opened the cans of beans and poured them in...the blender. River looks at me with this complete look of shock ..... uuuuhhh ..... Mom! ...... eeewww! Ok! Start over! It turned out great the second time sans beans :)

Silver has a hard time saying the letters L, R and Y. Play is Pay. Bread is Bed. Yes is esss!

Silver: Mom, oo pay wiisss meee? (You play with me)

Summer's "No" comes out "Mo"

River has many cousins in the area, and in her school as well. Many of her good and best friends are family too. I told her that her good friend Holdyn is her cousin. Wow! She says. She is quiet and thinks about it for awhile.....Mom, so is everyone that has freckles related to me?

Daddy went to Florida for a meeting. We saw on the map that Florida is where crocodiles are. Silver's Prayer: Please bless us to be brave. Please bless Daddy crocodile not bite him.


  1. Love Love Loved This!! I was pondering again last night just how nice it would be to live walking distance from each other. I know it would help the kids and I a lot! But like River says, would I rather be a little lonely and overwhelmed or have to walk my kids across the country alone in the winter?;) I guess I'll take my lot in life:) Sure hope you guys are feeling better!!

  2. How sad it would be to intentionally not have a family and then realize that that is what really matters. Thanks for sharing- it helped me remember that I wouldn't trade this time that I have with my family for anything.