Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sleep On

Thursday and Friday were full of 3 doses of Chemo: Doxyrubicin, Cisplatin over 24 hours followed by another dose of Doxyrubicin.  A cancer survivor we know calls Doxy the "Red Devil"  

Saturday and Sunday were rough!  We were discharged Saturday being able to "deaccess" her port.  This means she is not hooked up to IV through her port - horray!  BUT it means that everything needs to go through the g-tube with limited tummy space, this is challenging as we had to put in high amounts of water to flush the chemo out!  We found that if we kept it in small amounts every 12 minutes she could get it to stay down.  In the middle of the night she had lots of nausea and throw up.

After this morning she has been able to keep everything down - but sometimes that almost is worse because you don't have the relief that comes with having it out! 
It is just a LONG nausea ride with lows and even lowers and some lower stills.

I massage her back a lot and read "Josephina" our American Girl book series we are currently reading.  We watched the movie "Legacy" about the Mormon pioneers.  

Things that have helped with River's nausea:  smelling Spearmint.  We have it diffused in the air and also in the above picture on some cotton balls.  Orange is also good for anti-nausea.  We also have a fan to fan her with.  She also says it is better if she is laying down than sitting up.  And if she lays down, puts her leg up with the other leg ontop of that she presses her knee into her forhead and sings herself a primary song.  

Sleep is such sweet release! Sleep on dear River, sleep on!
Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.


  1. We Love you guys! Our girls made up a song for River, I will try to get it recorded and emailed to you. You are in our constant thoughts and prayers!

  2. Many tears and prayers for beautiful River.

  3. You are in my prayers everyday. You are an amazing family and such an example of living the gospel to me! God Bless you!! Linda Guymon

  4. We love and miss you sweet River, you are in our prayers every day. Stay strong and sing on! The Sadliers

  5. Oh Precious Precious River and her Courageous Mommy! How we love you!!! It is so hard not being able to help more. But our prayers will have to do for now. Please know you are in our hearts and prayers constantly!!