Sunday, November 29, 2015

Disney World - Make a Wish Part 3

Days of Magic, Adventure and Fun!
  At the baggage claim in Orlando all the bags went around and our bright red duffel bag wasn't there.  The one with ALL River's meds.  Seriously?!?!  We had left it on the shuttle in Vegas.  They couldn't put it on another plane - the only option would be to mail it to us.  And that would take days and be super expensive.  We got the absolute necessity antibiotics and she had a few pill-form of nausea meds.  We just went forward and decided to be healthy and if something popped up then we would deal with it then.  She was healthy the WHOLE time.  No pain.  No nausea.  What a gift from heaven!

We all got fairy dust - so our hair sparkled :)

Silver's Favorite Princess:  Rapunzel!

Rapunzel's chameleon Pascal even gave Silver a visit!

Anna was SO funny and cute personality :)


A visit by Olaf!


These were super fun pins - you can trade with anyone - Disneyland workers had pins that they would trade you if you wanted to swap out pins.  We had so much fun asking to look at their pins and deciding which ones to trade and which ones to keep.  

Summer:  The Roller-Coaster Princess!
She loved loved loved the roller coasters - it was her and Daddy's special thing the 2 of them shared.  The pictures were funny that they take during the rides:  Daddy was hanging on for dear life and Summer's hands in the air with big smiles!

Swiss Family Robinson House

River's favorite ride:  Race Track

Cinderella explaining to the girls that a dream is a wish your heart makes.  
Put your wish into your hands, clasp it tight and hold it to your heart.


Summer was heartbroke when she couldn't go on a ride because she wasn't tall enough.  Our roller coaster girl couldn't go on :(  
River was so sweet to comfort her.

Himalayan Roller Coaster

This reminds me of Colt all the way!
Dream Builders by Walt Disney:
"Get a good idea, and stay with it, dog it, and work at it until it's done.  And done right."

River in Asia!  She wants to go to China on her mission - it was like we walked into China!

Cute curly hair :)

Roller Coaster!

A beautiful, happy time.

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