Saturday, November 21, 2015

Give the Kids the World - Florida - Part 2

Ok, so I know our Florida trip was a while back, but as this blog doubles as our family journal you'll just have to see more of some great memories!

A most magical hope-filled wonderland :)
The pillow tree~!
All girls got their own pillow - these sweet pillows have a pocket sewn into the front and back - perfect for your stuffed animal friend or book.  

Our Village Home!
Each family in the village has a child with a life-threatening illness.  It was such a beautiful release from reality.  What a sweet time for sisters to spend together and have such a magical time.  Colt and I were totally pampered as parents to have meals, activities, and love showered on our family.
The girls got the master suite!  A extra large tub and amazingly HUGE shower.
It was so nice to have our own space - complete with washer and dryer and full kitchen!
Summer, Silver and River.




Oh how I would love the challenge of a flower garden in a place where it rains every day!  
Humidity = amazing flowers!!
The girls would gather the flowers on the ground and make beautiful arrangements :)

Each Make-A-Wish recipient gets their own star - Here River is putting her star in the magic treasure box where the fairy then retrieves it and places it in its own special spot in the castle.  

River pointing to her star - part of the "girl galaxy"

The funnest game!  Hit the spots as they light up.  The one with the most taps wins!
Mommy was the undefeated champion :)

We were tucked in by Miss Merry

Fluffing and Kissing pillows

Give the kids the world is based on candy land - 
We even got our own special "Give the kids the World" version of candy land that we LOVE to play and remember our time there.

One of our favorite times of our entire trip - 
Remote control boats!
Fantastically fun

River's captain whistle

Reindeer family on Christmas in July

We found Miss Merry Again!

Silver's giggles

River's Creativity
Couldn't hula hoop around her waist because of her g-tube.  Where there is a will there is a way.

This sums it all up:  
Thumbs up!


  1. I totally see Colt in River with the two thumbs up picture. Love it!

  2. Looks like an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing these sweet photos.

  3. I am always in awe of River's huge smile on her face! She humbles me to the max! Hope you are having happy holidays in your home. Miss seeing you guys! Lynda