Sunday, March 22, 2009

Christmas Baby

It was SO fun having a baby in our home for the Christmas season. To think about Christ coming to earth and being born in a stable and being laid in a manger had new meaning to me this year. I had our baby in a nice hospital with the best medical attention. I thought a lot about Mary and Joseph and the things they may have felt when they were laying the Lord in a manger of straw. They knew Christ was the Son of God and his greatness, how hard it would have been to have such circumstances surrounding the birth. River loved the manger we set up - Margie sent us a Christmas nativity that has large figurines and a baby Jesus that can either lay in the manger or in Mary's arms. River enjoyed climbing up on the chair and picking up Jesus and rocking him. She would say "I love my Jesus" or "Jesus really loves me huh mom!" "Oh, baby Jesus is crying, his mommy needs to hold him now" What a great perspective children give us!

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