Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Family Memory Corner

I tell Colt that I'd like to pause time right now. Life is SO fun! I have really enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom! Our time seems as though it is on fast forward. Our girls are growing SO quickly! River has so many cute things that she says and does that I'd like to write down and remember. We're starting this blog to keep family memories.
River loved playing in the snow this winter - We made a snowman and threw snowballs at Daddy! River loves to scrape the snow off of the car and be a big helper wherever she can! When you ask if she can help with something she says "Ummm...SURE!"
I absolutely Love being pregnant! My pregnancies have been great, with no problems and all has gone well.
Silver Dawn joined our Family in December and we've had so much fun having her here! I was really worried about having two kids -
I didn't know what to expect and I was worried about it. It has turned out to be SO wonderful!

River loves her baby sister! She runs into the room in the morning and the first thing she checks
is if her eyes are awake! "Mom, She's AWAKE!" She loves to help Silver with her Nuk and to kiss her. She is her biggest cheerleader!

River loves to help Silver with tummy time - "You can do it Babes!" Silver is 3 months old and is such a happy baby! She giggles and coos and reallloves her Daddy! River and Daddy went on an adventure with Paca last weekend. (River came up with Paca - she has Grandpa (my Dad) Grammie (My Mom) Paca (Colt's Dad) and Paca-ma (Colt's Mom) They went out in the hills to help with cows - River loves adventures and being outside!

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