Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sing, Sing, Sing!

River absolutely LOVES to SING! She'll ask me to sing, and then do another and another. I've begun singing from the children's hymnbook, start at the beginning and sing every song to her. When she asks for another, I go to the next hymn.

In the Leafy tree tops:

Apricot Tree:

River also likes to dance. She's like Mommy, she likes her dancing music turned up! She says, "Mom, I like louder songs!" We turn up our music and kick up our heels. We like to dance to almost everything: latin, country, classical, kids songs, piano, Voice Male, acapella groups, Croatian music (ooohh, Croatian music is awesome for dancing). But our favorite to dance to are John West's songs (He is married to Tadi, Colt's aunt). John writes songs that have a fun beat to them. His website: We dance to his music almost every day!

Here's to fun times! Make the most of today!

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