Saturday, May 2, 2009

April Quote Board

River: Mom, can I watch a movie?
Mom: We're going to have lunch first - you can watch after lunch.
River: Mom, can I watch a movie please?
Mom: You can watch after lunch. River: But......But......But......I said PLEASE!

River loves making up her own words:
Solutnee: name for her hummingbird.
Glubbers: "Mom, I think Silver will get her glubbers on your bed."
Hhhmmm, glubbers is a good word for it!

"Ohhhh, you washed my blankie just for mmeeeee? That was very nice!" -River

River's Prayer: "......and please bless our bodies to be strong so we could wrestle......"

River: "You wanna play hide and seek with me? OK! I'll go hide behind the couch, you count to 10, and come find me, okay?"

Highly Dramatized:"I have a BIG Job!" ......Panting....."I have to take care of Silver AND my Mom. They are Sssssssick!"-River

Sadly, with a big sigh: "I don't have a cow tongue. Only Daddy and Paca have cow tongues" (Colt and Ron can touch their tongue to their nose - she figured out that was just like the baby cow Lorna)

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