Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Red White and Blue

Continuing on with things that make me smile:
We put up an American flag and it has been SO great having it wave in the breeze! We had this flag at our first office. We were in a small corner office - Colt had his desk out front, and there was enough room to walk by the desk on one side. Behind his desk was a tall hutch. My desk was behind that in the back. It was tiny, but there were a lot of good memories there - we were in that office for a year. We would put out the flag when we got there and take it down either when we left or when it got dark - we usually went home after dark! It was such a neat thing to put out the flag every day.
It's a really neat experience to put up the flag and take it down everyday. To stop for a few seconds twice a day to reflect on the blessing it is to live where we do!
I did some research today:
Red is symbol of courage , hardiness (endure hardships of life) enthusiasm, valor, blood and life.
Blue represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice, freedom, the azure sky and symbolizes respect for God .
White means the purity, innocence, liberty and peace.
The stars symbolize hope, prosperity and heaven - the goal man has been striving for.
The stripes remind us of our proud beginnings and of our resolve to be free.
The field of blue represents the freedom to expand and explore the world and beyond.
We are a people that love to discover, to enlighten, and to create.
Here is a great article about the flag where I got most of the above info:
Some other things that make me smile:
I love bringing order and green to the desert: Stage1 we have a little bit of grass - I like the contrast with the weeds and the grass! This will soon all be grass
I love watching River play with Silver - she loves her so much!

Our Princess - in her princess dress and princess slippers digging holes -
Truly a River moment!

It makes me smile to see River clean - She LOVES making things clean.
River: "Mom, can I clean??" Mom: "YES!"
She loves cleaning her toys, the floor, dishes and the tv screen.
Oh how greatful I am for all of our many miracles and blessings everyday!

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