Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Great Family Reunion Idaho

We went to Idaho for the weekend - quite an adventure with a 4 month old and one who has only been potty trained for around a month! We're glad we made the trip! Colt's family had their family reunion - they had only seen River when she was around 2 months old, so this was a treat for us to see everyone and for them to see River and meet Silver.
River with Great-Grandma Delora Henderson. Delora tells "Bunny Foo-Foo" stories. These stories are famous with the Grandkids - River and Shado tell me that they loved to sit around Grandma while she made up the stories. River and half dozen other grandkids sat around totally enthralled while she told the stories.

4 generation picture. Great-Grandma Delora Henderson, Grandpa (Paca) Ron Henderson, Dad Colt Henderson, River and Silver.

Left to Right: Selina, Kin (Brother) Great-Grandpa Blair Henderson, Ron, River, Colt, Silver and Karin. There are 12 brothers and sisters in Ron's family, and they had all but one who lives in Saudi Arabia. Delora plans a humanitarian project for every family reunion. There is plenty of fun and chatting for everyone while we tie quilts and paint toys for orphanages. We tied quite a few quilts (I think around 20) and painted 120 toys. These will later get wheels.

It was such a great time! The kids fell in love with the toys and asked if they could take them home. It was a great learning experience when we explained that these toys were going to kids who didn't have toys, and didn't have mommys and daddys either.

It was Easter Sunday while we were up - there was even a baby chick born Easter morning and River got to see an Easter bunny too! I love that area! If I could live anywhere, I would choose Logan. I love the green and the farms - the cold doesn't bother me either, in fact, I handle the cold better than the heat. There is also something about farming communities - they make the best missionaries and the kids have responsibilities and things to do.
It was a fun weekend with lots of memories!

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