Friday, April 24, 2009

My Other Half - Colt

Life Has SO much for us to be thankful for! My Biggest Blessing is Colt.

Colt and I met in the 2Tall Club. When we tell people that they don't know if it's just a joke 'cause we're both so tall. It's TRUE! It was the first time for both of us going to the club - and the last time! Everything just clicked after that, and there was never a moment's doubt or hesitation after that. If you know me and how indecisive we are about most things - you'll know this was highly unusual for us.

Picture: Halloween 2008 - River Magenta on Blues Clues -

Colt Cowboy - Karin and Baby Silver - pumpkin

The summer we were first married we worked together in Ron's rock shop. We then went up to school for our last year and took care of an elderly couple (Larry and Gloria Ward). This was great because our job was being home :) We alternated our classes so one of us was always home and got to spend quite a lot of time together. While starting a business was stressful for me - I really enjoyed working with Colt and creating something that wasn't there before.

Colt opened an insurance office with me as his secretary. We were together literally every minute of every day except for 2 hours on Sunday while I was in Primary while he was in Sunday School and Elders Quorum. River came to work with us after she was about 3 weeks old until she was 2. We've opened a new chapter of our lives recently. I became a full-time Stay-At-Home mom for about 6 months now. While I LOVE being a mom and homemaker - I miss being with Colt all the time. He has a contagious laugh and smile that is SO fun to be around.

We love being outside - River LOVES adventures with her Daddy!
2008 - Fishing with Daddy

River's favorite person = DADDY!

Colt would never be one to toot his own horn - so I'll tell you a few of his accomplishments. Colt is truly gifted at anything he puts his hand to. He is quite handy around the house - he's putting up a wood fence around our yard and our "Rock Wall of China"
It has turned into a big project, but will be really nice when finished.
Our current project is to put in automatic sprinklers for the grass we will put in shortly.
Colt is a Fabulous insurance agent! He has done what very few have done in the business!:
*Agent of the Year for 2 years in a row (2007 and 2008)
*1,000 autos and homes in 3 years - this is truly amazing, and quite an accomplishment.
*Has hired 2 secretaries - many agents never make this jump to have 2 staff.
*He has agents call him all the time to ask how he sets things
up and does things because he has been so successful.
*He truly cares about his clients. I feel as though they are the luckiest because they
have Colt to walk them through a claim or retirement when they need him.
*He has not only jumped into Insurance with gusto, but has also jumped into Retirement Planning with Professionalism and Personalization.
It would feel good putting my money with Colt because he takes the time to find the plan that's best for his clients, and truly cares about their future.
I know I'm biased, but he is the greatest!
Orange Smilies!

River in Pretty Princess Dress with with Deer horns Daddy
brought back from his Adventure for River!

River loves shaving in the morning with Colt!
River will call Daddy! If there is no answer she'll call COLT!
Colt is such a great Dad! He loves being with his girls.
Silver really loves to be held by Colt!
She'll settle right down with him and be happy as a clam!

Colt LOVES hunting and fishing. This picture reminds me of all the times he's kissed me at 3:00 am to say "I love ya" before going hunting! Funny, Colt has a hard time getting up in the mornings, but for fishing, hunting or anything outdoors, he's up before his alarm goes off at WAY before light!

Colt and River enjoy wrestling most every night. River is heart-broke if her Daddy isn't home to wrestle her. The bunny ears are the "power" it's a wrestle to get the bunny ears. Colt is really great with his girls - giving them the time and attention that they crave! Silver just giggles and laughs with him. When he walks into the room, she breaks out into a HUGE smile!
With Colt, Every Day is an ADVENTURE!
I love him with all my heart!

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  1. It's so nice to have a soulmate isn't it?? We are very lucky women! A true blessing!