Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Backyard Beauties

One of my mottos is "Surround yourself with things that make you smile" One thing that makes me SMILE is our yard. We are making it such a lovely place to be. With green plants and trees that birds love. Our yard is full of the twittering sounds of birds.
I love the hummingbirds - they have a high pitched whirring sound of their wings. I love how they flit and fly. These are pictures of the varieties that we have seen in our yard.
Their feathers are SO beautiful - with the sun gleaming off the feathers, even the green females just SHINE!
Last year they got quite tame. When I would take out the feeder after re-fillinig it, they would drink out of the feeder while I held it in my hand.
I have one outside the kitchen window - so I can see the birds while I do dishes and cook, and one out the front window so we can see them while in the front room. They are getting more used to being around us again and will visit the feeder while we work in the flower beds.
They are quite territorial and some will fly to a nearby tree and watch the feeder, chasing off others. Sometimes they let others share, we have had up to 8 at a time at the feeder before.
This is a picture of one in our yard. I love this kind of feeder as it is easy to clean and has 10 feeding stations. Some have their nests in the big willow tree out back. It's really fun to see them come out of the dense green tree to drink their water. River has named her hummers "Solutnee" Mom, I saw our Solutnee again! It's fun to have pets that are so low maintenance and bring such fun!
This is the first year we've hung a seed feeder. I've found they like sunflower seeds the best.
This is hung just right outside our sliding glass doors out back so I can see them while at the computer. We are truly blessed to have such fun birds! Their songs are like a medicine to my heart.

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  1. I know what you mean!! I love that we have so many neat birds too! It's actually been neat to have the chick sounds in the house. We're thinking about getting some finches and canarys... Birds are wonderful!