Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

We enjoyed our Christmas!
I like digital pictures...but sometimes there are technical difficulties - I accidentally erased all pictures from our Christmas day :( 
But to focus on the positive - I have 2 cameras, and not all our pictures were deleted.  Some of the week after Christmas were salvaged from being on the other card.
 A new Bathroom Floor!
This looks so much better!  Even when it was clean - being white it always looked dirty.
This has made our bathroom look classy, and quite a bit bigger too :)
Thanks Colt!

We got our girls bunkbeds for Christmas.
We had a lot of fun with the box.
They pretended this was their airplane, and they are waving as they are taking off into the air.
They played for quite awhile here...flying up in the air, and getting in and out of the plane.  
We got a zoo puzzle that is really fun!
River can put most of it together by herself - I was really impressed with her ability to figure it out and stick with it until it was done.
Sometimes little sisters can be quite frustrating - she keeps spreading out all the pieces! 
 Putting together our bunkbeds!

River can touch the ceiling, and Silver's in a big girl bed!!
Oh Happy Day!

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