Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Review

Video:  Silver reading
This video was taken a long time ago - when Summer was just born.  
Super cute! 

Silver reading

Sisters sharing a tale

Video: Silver reading
Another old one - Summer is JUST like Silver.
They are twins 2 years apart.
I love her toes sticking out from under the books. 

If Only I Were.... school library - by Carl Sommer
A+  Missy is a mouse.  A small mouse with a BIG Problem!  She doesn't like being a mouse!  She dreams of being a cat...then she'd be happy!  One day she gets her wish and turns into the biggest and most beautiful cat in the whole world.  Only to discover that cats have their problems too.  As do tigers, elephants, people....etc.  She discovered that Everyone has problems.  She decided not to be sad anymore, and she became a very happy mouse. 

A Balloon for Isabel.  by Deborah Underwood  Illustrated by Laura Rankin  F Library
Isabel is a porcupine.  Porcupines + Balloons = Trouble!  No porcupines in Isabel's school ever get balloons......Is it possible without popping it?  Everyone tells her no.  She tries several things that don't work but sticks with it and uses her creativity to find something that does.  A+   Must Read

Max's Dragon:  F Library - Imagination as Max pretends he has a dragon.  The characters in the story make rhymes to get rid of things or to make things happen.  Fun with Rhyming!

Over in the Jungle - F Library - By Marianne Berkes, Illustrated by Jeanette Canyon.  Cute book to the tune of "over in the Meadow".  Fun with new characters to the familiar tune.  The thing that makes this book is the amazing illustrations.  She has done it through polymer clay.  Absolutely darling.  Fun to read, fun to look at and fun to sing!

Blast Off - F Library - by Malachy Doyle   Super charming tale!  Stuffed animal toys have found a spaceship! Now they only need to figure out who will be the lucky one to go to space. Jim Giraffe is too tall to fit, Sally Sheep is afraid of the dark and Chickadoodle is just too little! Silver and Summer would guess who would make it all the way through the countdown and be the one to blast off into space.  Practicing counting down too!  Super Fun, Super cute illustrations too!

I Love You All Day Long - This was such a good one to read with River as she went off the Kindergarten.  Owen is anxious about being away from his Mommy.  A comforting tale of how a parent's love stays with a child whether they are together or apart -- all day long.  All Owen has to do is remember that she'll love him "all day long." She loves him when he does well and when he makes mistakes and accidents.   River asks me at the end of the book....so.....do you love me even when I'm grouchy?  Hhhmmmm......so.....do you love me even when I'm angry?

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