Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Favorite Adventure of the Year

I love going to Frog Creek!
It is close and we can go up for a couple of hours in the evening.
High Adventure!

Summer was excited to show me that her shoes were the same as Daddy's!

The girls each had a bucket and made lots of great discoveries!

Last year Summer was pretty small, but this year she ran and splashed and had such a great time!

River learned how to skip stones. 
Here is one leaving her hand. 

We were too early for frogs this year....that just means that we need to go again.
And Again.
And Again! 

The light was really pretty to shoot pictures with.

I love how excited she is here.
You can never capture the pure joy on camera, but just imagine a squeal and giggle with this!

There are always things to spot - Silver kept a sharp eye out for anything interesting.


I love Summer's smile in this.

We had races down the river. 
It was tricky because there are parts that are very shallow, and Colt's rudder would get stuck in the sand, but other deep parts too. 

River's canoe

I followed Summer up the road back to our truck.
The light was casting long shadows and she had the greatest time holding out her arms and waving them to make the shadow wave too.


  1. This is so precious! Are you sure we don't believe in arranged marriage?;) Love you guys!! We're on our way up to Papa's for a couple weeks. Stay well til' we see you again!:)

  2. So fun! We are envious of your trips up to Frog Creek. Maybe we can join your next trip when we are home, and maybe there will be frogs. Frogs have been Rain's FAVORITE thing here. They keep asking if they can go to River and Silver's house when we go to America. Seems like a good combination! Great pictures and smiles.

  3. So cute! It looks like you had So much fun. You are going to have to take us there. I think Judd would have tons of fun.