Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quote Board

Silver has taken to saying "This is SO darling!" with her hand, palm up in a sweeping gesture. Today she says "Awwww! This is SO cute and darling!" She has a hard time with Rs and Ls, so this is "da-wing!" 

River: There's nothing better than spending time with Mom.

River: This is the best life ever! (said on a camping trip while laying on her back looking at the shooting stars).

River's favorite color = white. She says she loves white because it reminds her of the temple and of Jesus. Of being good. River is very close to the spirit and seeks after righteousness and goodness.

I asked the girls if they could be any animal which one they would choose. River: Parrot Silver: Kangaroo! (this fits her SO perfectly!)

Summer's colors all used to be yellow. Now she says yellow, or blue or often "yellow blue!"

Summer Language:
Every color is "Yellow!" If you ask her if she wants a pink or orange popsicle: Answer: Yellow!

Ands = Hands! She wants her hands washed.

And = Hold my hand! She wants to take your hand to take me somewhere to show me something

El = Help! Either she wants to help me or she wants me to help her with something

oosh: Shoes! She LOVES getting shoes on because that means going outside.

Ssissrs: Scissors! She loves scissors because she knows that they open Popsicles!

Bop: Stop! If we are reading a book, she'll ask me to stop so that she can go get something, or wash her hands. She doesn't want to miss anything.

One: This one can mean so many things. Run! She loves to run, and goes full-steam everywhere she goes. One? When she asks for something she'll say one? For our Easter egg hunt I would say "I see one" or "there's one!" so she would then say "One!" when she found an egg. Whenever there is something neat she says "One!"

Mom says: Summer let's get you dressed
Summer hears: Run, Run Away!!
Mom Says: Summer let's change your diaper
Summer hears: Quick! Hide!

My Google search today: How to clean broken lava lamp off carpet. Tip:"Goo Gone" cleaner was fabulous.

At our library we usually get a snack as part of the reading time they hold. When we swing by on our own, the kids still ask for a snack and usually get a sucker. Each girl gets one and then the librarian asks if Mom wants one too. Not to turn down a dumdum I graciously accept. As we were leaving Silver says "Wait!" She runs back to the librarian and says "Lisa, I get a sucker for my Daddy?" She clutched that sucker all the way home and proudly presented her treat to her special Daddy later that night.

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