Monday, July 30, 2012

Easter Eggs and Sun Cake

Summer was SO cute to watch this Easter!
We started the day at the community Easter egg hunt at the park.  They did a great job with lots of eggs.  Summer didn't quite understand what was going on with all the kids running around. But she collected a few eggs.  After all the eggs were collected we sat down and opened them, and she discovered there was candy inside!!  WOW!

We then went home and hid over 200 eggs in the yard (we were taking them out to the Ranch later and decided to have a fun hunt.)

By the time we got to the Ranch for Summer's 3rd egg hunt of the day, she was a Pro!
She would run around shouting "One!"  We would tell her "There's One!" So she called eggs "One!"  One counted for most anything interesting for the next several months.  I loved how she would say it so enthusiastically!  ONE!

River's 6th Birthday

These turned out really cute - we gave out these boxes to the friends who came to the party.  River and I had fun making them....please remind me in 20 years NOT to make boxes for wedding party favors!!  I can just see myself making 300 boxes :)

River wanted a sun cake.  
Twinkies along the outside - yellow lemon cake with yellow frosting :)

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  1. Cute, Cute Cake! I love it! You are so good at documenting all of the events. I get so caught up in it all sometimes I forget to "put it all down on paper". :)