Sunday, August 5, 2012

Smiles and Puzzles

River took the camera and went around snapping every one's smiles.
Say "cheese!"


Silver gets so excited about life!

Silly Paca wearing pink slippers that match River's!
PacaMa is holding Summer.

While camping, we had fun making words.


Pictures in the sand

Camping 2011
Spilled puffs.

Hhhmmmm, what could we do with those puffs?

and a twig?

We had fun telling a story while making this picture with puffs as the stars.

Notice Silver's pink cheek:  We went on a hike to get to a lake to go fishing.  Daddy carried Silver who fell asleep in his arms.  I guess the sun beat down just right on her cheek because the next morning there was a big blister on her cheek!

Our girls LOVE puzzles!
Silver is getting really good at putting puzzles together.

River putting in the last piece! 

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