Monday, August 6, 2012

This is the Best Life Ever!!

 Camping 2012

Silver spotted a deer grazing in a meadow and we all took turns looking at it through binoculars.  We saw several deer - one was pretty close!

Super Cute!  Protecting Our Clients with tiny handprints.

Silver couldn't wait to get into our tent!

And get her shoes and socks off.

How I could remember this trip:
Forgetting the sweaters - they were all chilly - so we wrapped up in blankets.
We were trying to all be warm and enjoy the moment of looking at the stars while kids were cold and whining that someone spilled the water and they were now wet.  Someone else was hogging the blanket and their toes were cold and then their back was cold and then their legs were cold.  The free telescope was a "you get what you paid for"  Free = didn't work at all.  Sigh.
I looked at Colt and said "Are we having fun yet?"  

Life is a lot like these moments - what we choose to focus on, and making the best of it.  
Enjoy the Journey!

How I choose to remember this trip:
We laid a blanket on the ground and all cuddled up together - strategically separating the kids.  
Silver Dad River Mom Summer
We saw shooting stars and pointed out the big dipper.  
We named stars in the big dipper.  We had Rio Star and Silver Mist Star and Echo Star.
River was so excited to see her "first shooting star ever!!"  She looks over to me and says 

"This is the BEST life Ever!!"  

The next day we walked through a meadow that was FULL of grasshoppers.
We had so much fun chasing and catching the hoppers.
Then it was off to the stream to catch fish with our hoppers.

River caught a whopper out of a small stream.
She was so excited to tell everyone when she got back that she caught a German Brown!!

Daddy and Silver Fishing

Daddy and Summer Fishing

Summer's Catch

3 little blondies 

Suckers for the ride home!

Dirty, Sticky, and oh so tired.
We had such a FUN time!

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  1. You are so good at keeping up on your posts! I want to do better. I love what you document too. Just the simple everyday things. You guys always have such adventures. The pictures of you skiing are really pretty with the sunset in the back.