Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Stroll

So I should know by now - 8 years of marriage and all - that a Sunday Stroll is not a leisurely walk along a clearly defined trail.  It is a up and over and through and around and a cross-country adventure.  Colt makes everything a grand adventure!

My idea of a Sunday Stroll:

Colt's idea of a Sunday Stroll:

Yes, Colt's is definitely hands-down better! 
So as part of our Sunday stroll, we sat down on an overlook to enjoy the grand view before us.  We talked of God creating such a beautiful world.  
SamBo came on our walk with us and ran down to the valley below us.  Silver wanted to go exploring with SamBo.  Silver reminds me of Colt - a quest for high adventure!

We found the neatest canyon and hiked and hiked.  Silver says while climbing up and over a boulder - "I'm an explorer adventure girl!"  Silver's Cheetah pants - they help her run fast!  She also has cheetah shoes - it is a sad day when they are in the wash and she can't wear them.  On this trip River found a Zebra rock (white with black spots)  and a Cheetah rock (Yellow with black spots)  She was so proud of her rocks.
Silver found a ribbon with an old deflated balloon at the end and dragged it around with her.
While walking Silver takes her hand with her palm up - motioning to the hill - "I want to climb this mountain to see the world!"  Oh, what a beautiful world it is!  Enjoy the Journey.

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  1. What a beautiful family. I love the picture with all of you together. It's a neat angle. I couldn't figure out how you had taken it until I remembered how long Colt's arms are... :)