Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There is Treasure Everywhere!

We like the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.  One of my favorite strips has Hobbes looking into a hole that Calvin is digging.  Hobbes says:  Why are you digging a hole?  
Calvin: I'm looking for buried treasure!
Hobbes:  What have you found?
Calvin:  A few dirty rocks, a weird root, and some disgusting grubs.
Hobbes with a huge smile on his face holding the rocks:  On your first Try??
Calvin:  There's Treasure Everywhere!!

There is a big amazing world out there, just waiting to be discovered!

Rocks, bugs, lizards, butterflies, moths, flowers, bunnies, dirt, patterns, water, books, mud, the discoveries and possibilities are endless!  
Summer LOVES moths.  "A MOTH!!"    
The girls regularly bring me flowers either from our flower beds or wild ones here and there.  I love their calls from the backseat as we are driving:  "MOM!  SUNFLOWERS!"  We stop by the side of the road to get the wild sunflowers that grow.  

Shaving Cream to clean the kitchen floor.

Butterfly with hurt wings, so it just sat with the girls.
Mom!  Look, It likes me!! It is Tame!

Books are a treasure just waiting to be discovered.

I love watching kids drink out of a fountain or a hose!

A whole new world to explore with a microscope.

Dinners are an experience to enjoy together.

I love watching kids eat!

Caterpillar discoveries.

Summer's 2nd Birthday

Hats, hats, hats!

Summer in swimming goggles.


VIDEO:  River in the mud - trying to get stuck.
We pumped the septic out and had to refill the hole.  We made it wet to settle before we put grass seed in.  

VIDEO:  Silver running across the hole.

VIDEO:  River making waterballoons - and she realizes that they look like people with hair on top and a little bump nose - so she makes a family!

VIDEO:  Silver drinking the water out of a waterballoon through a small hole
VIDEO:  Silver with baby lizard that she caught herself.

2 VIDEOS:  Silver with new-found skill:  putting her face in the water - the 1st step of swimming :)

What a treasure to have an accomplishment and know you did things well!
Summer - oh so proud.

But the greatest treasure of all is family - having someone to love and share it all with.

Left Aunt Star, Right Aunt Shado, Counsins from top to bottom:
River, Rain, Mesa, Silver, Judd and Summer.

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  1. I just love your family updates and photos. They truly are treasures! You've inspired me to try hard to get our photos and stories updated. Feel free to send me a reminder that I wanted to do that tomorrow;) There is always So much we have to get done in the day. It's hard to remember to do a few things we really "want" to do too. Thanks for the reminder that there are treasures Everywhere!!