Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silver's 4th Birthday

Silver wanted a LadyBug Cake!
And she decided to make it blue and yellow!  Her new favorite color is Yellow!
It is happy and energetic, just like our Silver :)
We had a family get-together the day after her birthday and made another cake for that with a yellow face and blue body.  It was fun to have 2 times to sing and blow out candles for her :)

Cake, IceCream and Balloons!
What a FABULOUS day!
L-R Summer, Rain, Mesa, Echo, Silver, MJ, Shayla, Brennan, Shelby

This was such a fun activity!
Silver enjoys coloring.  Lately she puts lots of detail and effort into her drawings!
We decided with her love of drawing that the activity of the day was to each color a mask!

It was fun to put them all on afterwards and see each other's creations.
Put on some music and dance!!
Top Row:  Shelby, MJ, River, Austin, Rain
Bottom Row:  Summer, Silver, Echo, Mesa
Happy Birthday #4!
Silver is Energetic and Loves Life!
She is shy around new people and in groups, but around family & friends, she is very vibrant and full of Zest!

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