Saturday, March 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

River's Christmas program.
She is in the middle in the pink shirt.
River in middle pink.

LOTS of Christmas crafts.  
Many will not be pictured here, but we had so much fun making things :)
Christmas advent - cut off one ring for each day until Christmas.

Marshmallow Snowflakes!

Sick Times Too!
It's nice to have a sister to cuddle up with for Curious George!!

Aaahhh, The BEST part of Christmas:  Lebkuchen Cookies.

Sweet Silver!

Christmas was a magical time in our home this year!
River asked me:  Mom, tell me the truth, Is Santa Real???
So I let her in on the little secret...and she was a great keeper of the Santa Secret!
She got in on the fun and helped me wrap presents for her sisters, "Oh, Silver is just going to LOVE this!"  She says "Okay, now let's wrap MY present from Santa!!"  Hhhmmm, it doesn't work that way little elf!

So the girls REALLY wanted to meet Santa, Mom and Dad ran into Santa, and had to have a picture with him, the girls were SO happy that we got to see him.  

And then they got to meet him themselves :)
River with Santa

Silver with Santa

Summer with Santa

They sat right on his lap and told them what their favorite things but River was quick to add that she would be happy with anything.  I was very proud of her.
River's favorites:  Art, Rocks and Flowers
Silver's Favorites:  Cheetahs, Pandas and Horses
Summer's Favorites:  Horses and Nemo.
Mom breathed a sigh as they coincided perfectly with what Santa had wrapped up!

Play put on by cousins and girls of Christ's Birth.
Colt made a great Angel complete with Halo!
Leaving Santa Lebkuchen cookies with milk and the Reindeer carrots!
Colt's addition to the lebkuchen, make them big and round with chocolate chips in the middle - I'll keep him around!  I didn't think you could improve perfection, but I was wrong!  

River with her polar bear.  We get to open one present Christmas Eve, and River's happened to be a Polar Bear!  

VIDEO:  Girls on Christmas Eve!

Silver opening her Pegasus horse that walks!

River was super excited about her art kit!

Silver's Doctor Kit was put to immediate use!

Silver "cut" Daddy's hair

Followed by a complete physical!

Shado hit the perfect gift for River - a geologist kit where you dig out pretty stones!
Super fun - totally River!

River with her Flowers - Amarillis bulbs

I have always wanted a fish tank - and we found one on Craigslist just after Christmas time.  I wasn't after one quite so gigantic - but you never know what you'll find on Craigslist :)  
We decided this was an excellent addition!

Silver is very observant to needs!  She is the first to notice when the wood stove needs more wood brought  or when the fishtank needs to be washed.  She has adopted that as her special job!

Summer and Silver teamwork to clean the tank!
Many good memories!

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