Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunday Evening Hikes

 Sunday Evening Hikes have to be my favorite family time!!
Enjoying each other's company and the beauty all around us!

Summer on Daddy's back

River's a good sport when Silver's legs get too tired!

River is a little mountain goat!  She LOVES exploring and rock climbing, and can scale things mostly by herself.  She  looks at a mountain as a challenge to conquer.
Silver is right behind her every step of the way!  She needs some help getting up and down, but wants to be part of things too!

Each and everytime we go out we find a new area to explore or a new treasure to look at/collect.  Here we found walking sticks for everyone out of cane.  Tiny old glass bottles, pretty rocks, really old bricks, feathers, rabbit feet, cedar berries, animal tracks, different colors of moss, flowers, etc...
We found a little cave and at another spot a tunnel through the rocks that the girls could go through and come out on the bottom of the rock.

VIDEO:  River with a feather treasure :)

Dry creek beds are chock full of adventure!

VIDEO:  Another video of River with her feather.

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