Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Summer always asks for a hug when someone is leaving: Daddy to work, River to school, Silver to pre-school, Mommy to a meeting "I wanna give you a hug!" Or if Daddy ever is leaving without his hug she'll run yelling "Hug" or "I wanna give you a hug!" She just came in from playing outside and says "Mommy, I wanna give you a hug!" What a sweet spirit :)

Our girls are very manner-conscious. At Pre-school Silver's teacher has a song about you being a "goop" if you eat with your mouth full or burp. So they have taken to saying "You're a goop" when manners are not observed. Summer especially will put her hand on her hip, cock her head to the side and say "What you say?" when someone burps without saying "excuse me!"

I was organizing our toys in boxes and drawing on the box what kind of toy was in the box. Silver says "Can I help? I am an EXPERT at coloring!!" She starts coloring and says "....well...I am NOT an expert at staying in the lines!!"

Most families have scrambled eggs or omlets. In our home, we also have "Magic Eggs!!" I love the way they say it too, they really sound Magical by the tone of their voice! Magic Eggs are Hard Boiled Eggs! The girls LOVE them (except for Silver, she is not an egg fan in any form :) They love cracking the shells all over then taking the shell off and finding the yellow ball in the middle.

Summer calls caterpillars: Pillar-Caters.
They are pretty special - we were watering the trees this morning and she spotted quite a few pillar-caters climbing on the grass to get out of the water. It was a sweet moment rescuing them all and picking grass to make them lunch and a home.

Silver tells me that she and River will take care of our new baby. "Except for when it's poopy, then you can change the diaper then you give it right back to me...okay?"

In the car after stopping to eat on our vacation, not 10 minutes after getting back in the car.
Silver: I'm Hungry!!
Mom: You just had a whole hotdog with a bun and fruit shake!
Silver: Well, I'm kind of half-full and half-empty!!

I carry Summer around a lot. She is so tiny and still my little one, so we are together a lot. I tell her "I love you" and she answers back "luv u too!" I'll kiss her on the cheek and she'll turn and kiss me back. Super sweet memories!

Sometimes River and Silver will whisper things in my ear that they don't want the other sisters to hear. Summer has started whispering everything to me. "Mom...I tell you something" then she walks over to me and whispers it in my ear.

River was going through a carton of conversation hearts. She came across one that reads "True Love" This one reminds me of Mom and Dad! she says :)

We call Summer babe or baby. One day when Silver called Summer Babe, Summer stands up and says "Me name NO Babe!!! Me name Summer! This Babe!" and she walks over to me and points to my tummy :) "Me BIG girl!"

I was impressed the other day when Daddy was helping her pray and said "Please bless Summer's finger" (she had an ouchy cut on it). Summer turned that into "Please bless my finger" I thought that was cute that she could turn that around to herself.

Silver speaks everything in the affirmative, meaning she hasn't got the doesn't or no or not yet to put in sentences. For example River had a headache and she'll say: Me have headache. I'll ask her if she has a headache and she'll say "No Not!" or "me have train!" I'll ask her if she has the train and she'll say "No Not!" I think it's cute that multiple times a day in her little voice she says "no not!"

It has been several months now since Silver started praying that Mommy and Daddy could serve a mission and see the monkeys. Both Silver and Summer still pray every time it is their turn that Mommy and Daddy can serve a mission and see the...(this is where the variation comes in)...monkeys...or turtles ... or dolphins .... or snakes ... etc.

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