Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer Quote Board

"WISHES COME TRUE!" River exclaims after getting "soft sand" under her swingset!! "No More Puncture Burrs!!!"

River calls Sweedish Fish candy "Squished Fish"

We had shrimp at a restaurant that was chilled, not hot. River said that she didn't want to try them because they were "slithery."

River: "Mom, I'm just allergic!" Mom: To What? River: I'm just allergic to the front room and cleaning up!

River keeps asking when our baby will be here. Now that it's August we've started a calendar. Baby is due August 31st, so we'll put a sticker on each day until she's here, and hopefully we don't have to go into September :)

We visited a cementary and saw all the beautiful flowers and stoped to look at the different headstones. There is a very peaceful spirit and solemnity that River could feel. Even Silver was mellow during our visit. We talked about being an eternal family and how important family was - that on their headstones they had spouse, children and parents. River: "Why is dying part of our world"? I explained that we lived with Heavenly Father before we came here. This life is a test to see if we'll do what Heavenly Father asks us to. Another imortant part of this life is to have families. After we die, we get to go back and tell Him if we chose the right and did what he asked us to. We can be with our Families Forever because of the temple and enjoyed finding all the temples on the headstones. I have always enjoyed going to cemetaries for the spirit that is there and the perspective that we can gain of how each day is important and we never know how many years we'll get, but to make each one special. It was a sweet time.

River to one of her friends: Let's play Hopscotch!! Friend: Yeaaahh! River: There's only ONE problem..... Friend: What's that? River: I don't know how to play hopscotch.

River loves making cards and drawings for people. She also loves it when other people make her drawings and cards. It would mean the world to River to recieve a letter just for her!! While making a card for one of her friends, said to herself: "Oh, this is SO gorgeous!" And then bringing it to me: "Mom, look how adorable this is!"

While driving Along ~ River: Oooohhhh! Mom! Heavenly Father created such a beautiful world for us!! River comments regularly on the beauty of the earth and of living things and how heavenly Father loves us. River: Mom, guess how much Jesus loves me? THIS MUCH! (Stretching as far as her arms can reach!)

We were telling Colt's Dad "Paca" that Silver is left handed. She writes and eats with her left hand. River pipes up: Yeah! We call her Lefty!!" Paca asks her: And what do they call you? After a second ~ River: SMART COOKIE!

River: "Are skunks part of our world?" River's trying to figure out what is pretend and what is real. She says: "It's a good thing that Tai Lung (from Kung Fu Panda) isn't real! - huh Mom?"

River: Why did Heavenly Father create ants? Good Question!

Some of the cutest things to watch a toddler do: Eat A Banana and Drink Out of a Water Fountain. Precious!

We found out today that our baby due in August is a girl. I asked River if she was excited for a girl instead of a boy (because she's been really wanting a brother). She says: It's okay mom, Heavenly Father chooses what we get. A sister will be fun too. Oh, the sweetness of kids!

We were babysitting some of River's friends when one them asks River: Where's your Dad? River responds: Oh, he's at work ~ he works really hard for us so we can live in this beeeeautiful house (with grand sweeps of her hand)

River has been saying this most everyday throughout the day: "Mom (Or Dad) I just wanted to say that I love you, I care about you, and I don't want you to die."

As River is talking and talking and eating her salad one small bite at a time. Mom: "I think you're stalling" River: "I am Not!" After a second..."Mom, what's stalling" Mom: "Stalling is finding other things to do intstead of going to bed." River: "Oh, yes! I'm stalling!"

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