Sunday, September 5, 2010


We love being around water so much that we named our daughter River :)
This picture sums it all up for me:  River Joy
On my mission I was by the coast for a full year.  It was so beautiful, and truly a treasured time to be able to see the ocean most every day.  The ocean has a personality of it's own.  Some days it's gray and choppy, angry and rough.  Other days it is crystal blue and calm and gentle.  I love each stage.
My 2nd (and last :) area of my mission was surrounded by 4 large Rivers.  I also saw the water there every day as well.  Water brings life to all it touches. 

Living in a desert, I am reminded how Christ is the Living Water.  Bringing a fulness of life to those who partake of the water he freely gives.  Life grows, things happen and fun is experienced with water!
I didn't know how to swim when I was on my mission.  Being surrounded by water, most children in Croatia are natural fishes and swimming is a part of life.  They couldn't believe I couldn't swim and had a fear of being in the water.  I decided then that if I could get over that fear, I could do anything.  I learned how to swim my next semester back at BYU and absolutly Love being in the water now.  Water arobics is the greatest way for me to excercise. 
River and Silver both enjoy splashing and having fun in the water. 

We enjoyed the pool quite a bit this summer.  I thought with the baby due at the end of the summer, it would be really nice to be able to still experience all the fun of summer.  I quickly found out the heat and the pregnancy got to me the further we got into June and July! that was an experience, August......Silver was perfect, early Winter while we were inside mostly anyways - it was really nice for us.
Silver loves the water, but does not enjoy being wet :)
The light at this part was fun to take pictures with.
 River took swimming lessons this summer and the major theme of the class was to get your face in the water and blow bubbles.  This was a really hard thing for her - to get her face wet.  This day at the park she blew bubbles for the 1st time in the water, and was so proud of herself!!  River will not be pushed - she takes things at her own speed.  If she decides she wants to do something, there is no holding her back.  If she doesn't want to do something, there is no doing it :)
Water = Life!! 
Full and Joyful!
River Joy

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