Monday, January 28, 2013

New Floor and Windows

The girls would bring Daddy the boards to cut for our new laminate floor.
Summer covering her ears!
The saw was loud and so Daddy would always give a warning when he was about to saw:
"Cover your ears!"

Behind Silver where the broom is is a small sample of what the floor used to be:  White linoleum with grey diamonds.  

I love these pictures - because that's how I see the kids so many times a day - 
them looking up at me with those big eyes!

Running around outside!
Summer was even potty training with all of our back and forth and working.
I have my kids run around a lot in their undies while training.  It works well for me as they can feel quickly when they have an accident - and I can catch it earlier and run them to the potty.
Plus then I only have to wash the panties and not the pants too :)
Old windows - double windows - old....
We got some new windows from a friend's yard sale and decided they would go really well in our house.  
They were shorter and wider than the current windows.
No problem for mister fix-it!

We replaced our bedroom windows too - Craigslist - from 2 different places, but they were roughly the same size and roughly the same color, and with how far apart the windows are, it works!
Puncture burrs, bull heads aaarrrrrgggghhhh!
We have TONS and TONS and TONS over here too!
I should have taken a picture later in the summer, but our neighbor thought we put in grass!
It was so lush and green.....sigh.

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  1. What wonderful helpers you had to help out with the new laminate floors. Adding updated windows and flooring definitely makes a big difference.