Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Packing and Painting

When we first approached the girls about moving there was a HUGE concern about what goes and what stays.  They were afraid that they would have to leave everything.  We talked about how the things inside the house were ours, and that we could take them with us.  Even the pictures???  Yes, even the pictures!

We sat down numerous times and talked about what would be nice to leave behind...maybe the grass would be nice to leave for the new owners...but we can take the trampoline and the swing set!!  How about the lights...we should probably leave those too so they can see.  The carpet would be nice to leave, but how about we take the dishes?

The cupboards are so much fun when they are empty!

Lots of jobs cleaning to make it nice!

Silver with one of Paca's puppies

Then we started boxing up our belongings and moving it into the horse trailer.  The girls helped out, making a hundred trips back and forth.  

Through this all we learned the value of "We finish what we start."
That is my saying that they hear oh so many times whether it be doing dishes or folding clothes, or cleaning up.  Even when we're tired and don't want to do it anymore, we need to finish the job.

Popsicle breaks are a must!

as are impromptu games.

Silver packing herself up!

Moving our bunk beds.

The nice thing about replacing everything was that you didn't have to tape very much while painting, we replaced all the trim and the carpets, so it was very convenient!

Silver and River painted their own room!  I was very proud of them, they stuck with this job until it was done!  They decided to paint the top part white with the bottom pink (they completed the pink themselves) and a horse border in between.  They can look out their bedroom window and see horses!  Definitely a MAJOR plus about moving here :)

We painted the girl's bathroom peach

And the dining and family rooms white. 

We decided we wanted a suede-look for our room and the front room.
It turned out to be harder than we thought it would be - our neighbor had a neat texture on her walls that we tried to duplicate.  It stays wet for awhile, but then you need to act quickly before it completely dries to smear the colors together - working at just the right time, if it is too wet, there is too much smear, and too dry, it doesn't blend as well.  You can only do one section at a time, and we couldn't get our sections to look like each other.  We eventually figured it out and had a fun time working together on our painting project.

 ....To Be Continued

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