Monday, January 14, 2013

Flowers and Popsicles

We'll take a break from cold weather, snow, ice and bitter wind - and remember Summer Time!
Summer, River and Silver

I thought these flowers with suckers in the middle were very cute!



There is absolutely nothing like a Popsicle on a hot day

Cousins:  Chase, River, Tanner, Summer

River with one of Daddy's special Popsicles - the kind that they have in Mexico with real fruit pieces in them.  Here is Daddy and River's favorite:  Coconut.

We also had such a great rose bush.  This rose bloomed its heart out the ENTIRE Spring and Summer.  I'm sure it bloomed in fall too, but we were not there for that.  I never had the heart to trim the bush, because it gave such amazing clusters everywhere - how can you trim that back?  Above:  River's roses - all off one stem!
I am going to try to get some starts this spring and see if I can't get it going over at our new house too :)

Grandma Henderson in Idaho sent down some petunias and marigolds for us, they made our flower garden so lovely!  Especially with how many there were - a color explosion!

Summer helping Mommy plant the flowers - 
This was a few days after we found out she didn't have any platelets.  This morning River and Silver went to a friends house - to help Summer be less rambunctious - and she and I enjoyed the morning sun planting our beauties.  A beautiful memory!

May we stop to smell the roses and notice the beauty all around us.
Each day is a blessing!

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